In June the ECB and Initial announced a strategic partnership to bring
period dignity to grassroots

We collectively have a shared ambition to ensure that menstruation is not something that holds
women and girls back from getting involved in sports this is all part of making cricket the most
inclusive team sport in the UK.

The ECB and Initial are supplying In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers to ECB affiliated cricket clubs
with a girls’ section in England and Wales, along with the servicing of period waste bins free of

These dispensers provide free and discreet access to period products within the toilet cubicle, which,
for those who menstruate, is at the point of need.

Clubs will also be provided with educational materials to help ensure menstrual cycle taboos are a
thing of the past.


If your cricket club has a girls’ section, you are eligible to access this offer. Your club will receive the
following free of charge:

The installation of In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers for up to two cubicles (one dispenser
per cubicle).

One set of period products upon installation including tampons, sanitary towels,
biodegradable personal wipes, and biodegradable bags.

Provision of up to one refill of products per dispenser, per year until June 2026.

The installation of Feminine Hygiene Units (period waste bins) for up to two cubicles (one
period waste bin per cubicle that has an In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser).

A regular waste collection service of the Feminine Hygiene Units (period waste bins) until June

The installation of two toilet cubicle door A4 poster frames and the delivery of educational
materials one poster letting women and girls know to help themselves to the products when
they need them, the other covering topics such as ‘Let’s Talk Periods Myths and Truths’.

Step 1: To access the free offer, please visit and complete the online
registration form by 5pm 30th October.

Step 2: On receipt of the registration of interest form, the ECB will carry out a few quick
validation checks to ensure that the eligibility criteria is met.

Step 3: Once complete, Initial will use the contact details and other relevant information
provided on the form to contact clubs directly to make the necessary arrangements
such as arranging installation, waste collection and provide customer service support.

Step 4: Installation and delivery will take place on an agreed day and time.

If you have questions regarding the offer, please visit or contact your local Women & Girls Development Officer

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