Safe Hands Management System


Safe Hands Management System

The introduction of the online Safe Hands Online Management System has strengthened our network and will be the bedrock of our commitment to make cricket a safe game for young people, their families and all those around them to enjoy.

In addition to the standing expectation for all clubs to adopt and adhere to ECB's Safe Hands Policy, the system provides an online registration process whereby the ECB will require all cricket clubs to register the details of the club and individuals in key roles or those with responsibilities for the management and running of club activities.

Clubs will be asked to complete basic details about their club and who are the key personnel within it, providing evidence of safeguarding checks and compliance. It will then notify users if there are any current gaps in the requirements, together with highlighting individual’s renewal dates for the key criteria such as DBS checks and Safe Hands training. This is managed at club level by an appointed officer at the club, but safeguarding and compliance is everyone's responsibility.

Critical Roles that need to be evident on the system

  • You must have a Club Chair appointed.
  • You must have at least one Club Safeguarding Officer appointed.
  • You must have at least one Coach appointed.
  • You must have at least one All Stars Activator appointed if you run the All Stars programme.
  • You must have as many Open Age Captains as you do senior teams.
  • You must be compliant for all required roles
  • You must enter any Adult Teams

All clubs may be assessed at a given time in relation to their compliance. This will be an ongoing process.

All affiliated clubs in Wales are being asked to register, and will be supported to be part of this approach, to achieve Cricket Wales' Minimum Safeguarding Standards for clubs.

In order to become familiar with the system (if you have been notified that you are set up and been invited to join), please access these short 'how to' films 







To register your club  and get going (if set up) follow this link

As part of the registration process, clubs will be required to demonstrate that they continue adhere to the following:All clubs must meet safeguarding standards.

  • The club must adhere to the ECB Safe Hands Policy and Procedures.
  • Each club must have a trained Club Safeguarding Officer.  
  • All adults who work with children at the club have must have current vetting and an ECB DBS check in place.
  • All adults who work with children in cricket must have undertaken the appropriate ECB training. 
  • We will also make it easier for those who need to have DBS checks, safeguarding training and other qualifications to access everything they need.

We hope that you will find the safe hands management system as much a help to plan your club's workforce as much as ensuring compliance with the Safe Hands Policy


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