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Do you have a little time on your hands?

Would you like to use your love of the game of cricket to help others?


Over 400,000 people in Wales reported being lonely in 2017.   Although age and ill health are not the only causes, they can be a significant factor.  Those struggling with their memory are reminded everyday of their frailties in this area.  However, their own sporting memories are a subject in which they remain the experts.  Activities that recognise this can promote greater feelings of self-worth and give individuals a great deal of comfort.

Glamorgan CCC and The Sporting Memories Foundation are recruiting volunteers to be part of some cricket focussed Sporting Memories clubs.  The clubs will be dedicated to bringing together adults over 50 to talk about and remember the game as well as engaging in some light, informal exercise. 


The Sporting Memories Foundation has, in its work, excelled at bringing together older adults who may be isolated, or living with depression, dementia or other conditions.  We will be using their proven format for our sessions: a combination of sporting reminiscence combined with small games and gentle physical routines.  You can see how they work here:

We will provide you with initial training and ongoing support.  We can also stimulate your discussions with sets of photographs from the fantastic archive kept at the CC4 Museum of Welsh Cricket.  You can talk about the game, with memories of wonderful players, successful Glamorgan teams and the international players that have so proudly worn the Daffodil sweater.  We can also provide images of local cricket teams, club grounds and pavilions that may stimulate recollections of places where you have played and characters you remember.

Kelly Hart, Funding Manager, Sporting Memories Foundation, has welcomed the opportunity now given to cricket lovers in Wales:

‘Volunteering at a Sporting Memories Club is a great way to meet new friends, talk about the sport you love and make a difference to older people. Working with Glamorgan CCC is an excellent opportunity to open more Sporting Memories Clubs and provide a safe space for people to come together and talk everything cricket‘


Andrew Hignell, Heritage and Education Co-ordinator at Glamorgan Cricket says

‘ This is a fantastic opportunity for the cricketing family of Wales to work together as the nation emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic besides helping to tackle, in a meaningful way, some important issues relating to mental well-being. We are delighted to be working with the Sporting Memories Foundation on what we hope will be the first of many successful projects. ‘

For more information you can contact Glamorgan’s Sporting Memories Co-ordinator Stephen Hedges:  [email protected]

Or head to the Sporting Memories Foundation website and fill in a Volunteering Enquiry Form (don’t forget to mention where you heard of the foundation)   HERE


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