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Raising funds and improving facilities are arguably the biggest challenges facing cricket clubs today.

We are extremely grateful to the ECB who enable us to provide a range of resources and funding opportunities to support clubs in Wales. For general information please visit the ECB Website; Click here for ECB Club Funding Support. Your Area Manager can help with specific queries if you cannot find the information you need from the ECB's collateral.

Sport Wales also kindly provide funding support and guidance to help support community sport. You can find out more here and decide which scheme might be right for your project. An update on their live schemes is here.



Eligibility and Prioritisation 

  • The new County Grants Fund is an ECB-funded scheme and, as such, priority will be given to clubs actively engaged in ECB programmes - All Stars Cricket, Dynamos, Junior Cricket, Women’s and Girls’ Cricket, and / or Disability Cricket - this is clearly communicated within the guidance notes.
  • The ‘tackling climate change’ theme is open to all affiliated clubs. Projects that have been thoroughly thought out, with wider club consultation, partnership funding and use of the ECB Creating Welcoming Environments resource, will be looked on more favourably.
  • Additionally, clubs will need to achieve compliance on the Safe Hands Management System (SHMS)to demonstrate that basic safeguarding standards have been met.
    Clubs who have not yet been given access to SHMS will be asked for evidence that the Club Safeguarding Officer and other volunteers working in roles with children have the necessary safeguarding and vetting checks in place.
  • Affiliation - Clubs must have paid their Affiliation Fee to Cricket Wales for the current year (or must do so prior to an application proceeding) to be eligible - these are collected in the main via your league

Cricket Wales & ECB hosted a webinar on the new scheme in March 2022, which you can watch back here


Awards Panel – The annual budget for the CGF is set nationally by ECB, however the scheme will be administered locally, with County Boards given the autonomy to make decisions about which (eligible) projects they wish to support. In Wales, we have appointed an ‘Awards Panel’ who will meet at least monthly to review all applications.

Scale of support – The County Grants Fund has been launched by ECB as a priority for supporting the recreational game and to deliver on the ambitions of cricket's Inspiring Generations Strategy. As such, there are very positive levels of investment attributed to the fund.

As we expect a large volume of applications over the course of a year, it may not be possible to support every application, with some projects deferred to the next funding window, or signposted to other sources of funding as appropriate, but we will always seek to support viable projects, which support the strategic growth of cricket. We therefore encourage clubs to carefully consider their needs and outcomes and bring appropriate strategic projects forwards. 

NB – The County Grants Fund is not a direct replacement for the old ECB Small Grants Scheme. The project themes are very different and there is a year-long window for applications, with likely higher levels of investment; As such, clubs should expect a greater degree of interaction with Cricket Wales, to ensure the aspirations of both organisations are supported.


Applications are now open via the ECB IMS system and the process is explained in the ECB guidance notes. Clubs are encouraged to complete the Expression of Interest form first.

  1. Cricket Wales aims to respond to any expressions of interest within 7 days. ‘Eligible projects’ from affiliated clubs will then be signposted to the full application process.
  2. Full applications will be reviewed by the Awards Panel at the first available opportunity. The Panel will meet at (minimally) monthly intervals and will aim to communicate a decision within 30 days of receiving the application – where the next Panel meeting sits outside of this window, clubs will be notified of when they can expect a decision.
  3. The amount of grant offered for successful applications may differ from that requested by the club. Applications will be referred to clubs if this is the case.
  4. There will be an appeal process for clubs should they wish to contest the Panel’s decision. Appeals will be heard by group independent of the Awards Panel. 
  5. Funds applied for cannot be used to cover professional fees, and applications will not be accepted from bid writers (such support, where necessary, can be provided to affiliated clubs by the Cricket Wales Area Managers (see below).


  1. Familiarise yourself with the guidance notes 
  2. Use the ‘Creating Welcoming Environments’ resource, survey and checklist to help develop your project plan.  
  3. Identify who from your club will lead on your project – you will need two contacts, both of which must be officers of your club, with at least one being Chair or Treasurer.
  4. Applicants must use individual email accounts and not generic email accounts to register on IMS.
  5. All signatories MUST be an Officer of the Cricket Club.
  6. When you feel you have a viable project, please use the Expression of Interest form



In addition to the long-term County Grants fund, ECB have also announced the return of their Inspired to Play grant of £1,000 for 2022. This fund has been extended and is now due to close at the end of June 2022.

More detail can be found in this updated-i2p-guidance-notes-110522-1800.pdf document.

Applications should be made through the ECB IMS system.



For further information please contact your Area Manager:

North Wales                   Sue Wells             [email protected]

South East Wales          Mark White           [email protected]

South West Wales         Keri Chahal           [email protected]





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