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Officials, Umpires and Scorers play an essential role in supporting the playing of cricket throughout England & Wales. The Wales Association of Cricket Officials (WACO) is the County Body responsible for Umpires and Scorers in Wales. Through its network of branches WACO works closely with leagues to train, appoint and support umpires and scorers.


‘Basics of Umpiring’

You may often find yourself asked by the skipper to umpire for 5 or 10 overs in a game? Are you confident in doing this?  
Designed to help you during your occasional umpiring, the  ECBACO ‘Basics of Umpiring’ resource contains the umpiring basics ranging from the key Laws to basic field craft. Use this resource as you wish, view it once or return frequently throughout the season to refresh your knowledge

You can find it online here


ECBACO Stage One Umpiring course

The ECBACO Stage One Umpiring course (normally face-to-face) is now online

It's free and you can do it in your own time

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ECBACO Stage Two Umpiring course online

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