Women's & Girls' Cricket in Wales - Let's Celebrate!


Cricket in Wales has so much to celebrate on International Women’s Day 2022!

One big story to celebrate is the 300+% growth in girls’ cricket and 650% growth in women’s cricket in the last eight years.

In 2022 across Wales:

  • Over 100 Clubs offering women’s and girls’ cricket
  • 47 teams in the Welsh Cup
  • 50 teams in the Softball Leagues
  • All 4 regions offering Girls’ pathway cricket recently launched their amazing campaign to inspire W&G cricketers #wegotgame (photo)

One of the reasons for this growth has been the big increase in soft ball cricket which has grown into several levels of competition from social afternoon games up to organised competitive leagues.

Spearheading this development are three women’s & girls’ officers, who have had a phenomenal impact on the cricket landscape of Wales. If you would like to find out more and get involved please contact

North Wales                      Rachel Warrenger

South West Wales           Carl Holding

South East Wales             Becky Thomas


All Stars and Dynamos Cricket are a great first experience for girls to try cricket. We have a couple of films here so you see what they are like for your daughter(s).

In 2022, we are really confident that we will pass the mark of over half of Welsh clubs offering cricket for girls and for women. The game is becoming more of a level playing field every year. Ultimately, we want cricket to be a normal activity and experience for every girl growing up in Wales.

Women’s and girls’ cricket has done so much for our cricket clubs, making them more relevant and connected with their local communities and importantly helping them thrive!

So, whether you are just starting in All Stars Cricket or watching Welsh Fire Women in The Hundred… Cricket is a game for you and why not celebrate So today please celebrate and tell your Club’s story by joining in with our hashtag #WelshWomenLoveCricket ❤️ and tagging us in with the twitter handle @CricketWales


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