Advice to Clubs & Defibrillator Schemes



Following the sad events of Saturday 17th July, a number of clubs have enquired about sourcing a defibrillator for their club.

Three years ago, the ECB, in partnership with The Club Cricket Charity, developed a pilot programme for the supply of a portable defibrillator unit to as many clubs and teams as possible.

The offer, called the CHT Managed Solution, includes training, local registration with emergency services, insurance, and post-stress counselling. The pilot has recently been expanded into a full programme. There is an aim to get to 1,000 clubs across England & Wales in the short-to-medium term. 

The funding has been increased this year, and while there is some cost to the club still, it is heavily subsidised.

Clubs interested in purchasing a device for their club through this scheme are urged to consult and the attached details.

In addition to this scheme, Calon Hearts, a Welsh charity, have a similar offer to help clubs source a dual-functioning (for use on children and adults) defibrillator, for a similarly subsidised rate (other sources of funding may be available to help clubs raise the money required). This offer also includes registration of the device, CPR and defibrillator awareness training.

Interested clubs should read this information document and contact Calon Hearts, or call 02922 402670 for more information.

Cricket Wales are also in active discussion with British Heart Foundation Cymru, who have reiterated the importance of clubs registering their defibrillator, if they have one. Approximately 50% of defibrillators are not known to the Ambulance services in England & Wales; In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, a call handler will always aim to direct an emergency caller to the nearest device, while CPR is administered.

BHF also recommends as many club members as possible undertake some form of CPR training.

Our thoughts remain with those most affected by the tragic loss last month,



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