A Girls’ Secondary School Cricket Program that's taking off


2024 Marks the Return of the Proof of Concept (POC) Project in South East Wales: A Girls’ Secondary School Cricket Program.   

In 2024, the POC project made a triumphant return to South East Wales, bringing with it a new wave of excitement and enthusiasm for our sport among young girls. This year 11 new Secondary schools joined the initiative; inspiring over 200 girls joined the initiative. At least one teacher from each school receiving a comprehensive training day at Sophia Gardens, complete with a Q&A session, free kit bag and session plans to take back to their schools.  

 Schools were targeted to ensure that girls who had never had a chance to pick up a bat were given the opportunity to learn how to play cricket and compete against other schools; 90% of the participating girls had never played cricket before, and none of these schools had previously engaged with the sport or entered any competitions.  

 Empowering Teachers and Students 

The journey began with a teacher CPD (Continuing Professional Development) session in January, where teachers received the skills and confidence needed to introduce cricket in their schools. Armed with kit bags and session plans, they returned to their schools ready to integrate cricket into both lessons and after-school clubs. Since Easter, Rebecca Thomas, the SE Women & Girls Cricket Development Officer (W&G CDO), has visited each school to provide mentoring sessions. Her hands-on support has been instrumental in building teachers' confidence to deliver cricket sessions, as well as to score and umpire games. This growing confidence is reflected in the enthusiasm of both teachers and pupils to play cricket; with many even expressing a keen interest in joining clubs to play more cricket! 

 Growing Popularity and Participation 

The impact of the POC project is evident in the growing numbers attending after-school clubs, where cricket has quickly become one of the most popular sports. A teacher from Gwent Is Coed commented that “the girls love playing cricket” and the girls are asking where they can join a club to continue playing. The excitement has been so contagious that both teachers and pupils have joined local cricket clubs to play women’s softball.  

 Celebrating Success and Looking Forward 

The hard work of the teachers and students is paying off as they participate in competitions. Pencoed’s teacher shared that “the girls are eager to find clubs where they can continue their cricket journey”. This enthusiasm is a testament to the project's success and the dedication of everyone involved. The POC project was initially part of an ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) pilot two years ago. Since its inception, the number of teams entering competitions has steadily increased each year, reflecting the project's growing impact. 2020 Number of Teams 34 to 2024 Number of Teams 73  

 Rebecca Thomas highlights the significant progress made: "It's been amazing to see the growth in confidence in teachers from the first session back in January to now. Teachers are sharing tips and helping improve the girls' game so they can be the best they can be. The growth of the Women & Girls game is huge, and the challenge now is transitioning these girls to cricket clubs. With over 50% of clubs in South East with a Women & Girls offer, with so many more opportunities at clubs, we’re removing barriers for that transition." 

  A Bright Future for Girls' Cricket  

Cricket Wales are on a mission to give every girl the opportunity to experience cricket and discover that it is a sport for them. By providing the necessary support and resources, the project aims to inspire as many girls as possible to pick up a bat and ball and enjoy the game. With the continued dedication of teachers, the enthusiasm of pupils, and the support of local clubs & volunteers, the future of girls' cricket in Wales looks incredibly promising. 

 Development Manager Mark Frost commented “Now that there will be a tier 1 professional Glamorgan women’s team in the near future, girls can aspire to becoming a professional cricketer playing in front of a home Welsh crowd. The growth of girls’ cricket is a huge opportunity to nurture and feed into this new pathway.” 

 For more information on how to get involved, or to find a local cricket club, please visit our website or contact Rebecca Thomas, W&G CDO. Rebecca Thomas <[email protected]>  




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