Welsh Government Announcement 20 December 2020


The Welsh Government has announced that businesses in Wales, including leisure and fitness facilities will be required to close at the end of trading on the 20 December. This means no organised sport indoors or outdoors is allowed. 

Hospitality businesses will have to close from this point.

A "stay at home" alert level 4 lockdown will be in force in Wales from the 21st December. Including restrictions no household mixing and travel. This will be for an initially unspecified period, with regular reviews of the measures and incidence of Coronavirus here in Wales. Full details will be published over the coming days.  This is an all Wales approach, though Welsh Government does have the power to move regions of Wales through the tiers separately should conditions require The Welsh Government's Coronavirus Control Plan was published on 14/12/2020, and the document outlines the measures in place at each tier of lockdown in Wales.

The document also outlines the thresholds at which the Government will consider moving into, or out of a lockdown tier.

The Coronavirus Control Plan is available here and provides some insight into lockdown measures we are likely to see well into 2021

https://gov.wales/coronavirus-control-plan-alert-levels-wales  We will update you as quickly as possible as we know more.


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