Useful FAQs about COVID 19 and playing cricket in Wales August 18 (2)


It is great to be playing, however we need to make sure we are good guardians of this opportunity and keep up the high standards we have in Wales.

Several queries have arisen recently so this article sets out to answer some frequently asked questions:-


1) Do we need to have sanitisation breaks, even if our fixture doesn’t have appointed/qualified umpires?

YES – all guidance still applies, regardless of the level of qualification of the officials; Either the stand-in umpires should call the sanitisation break, or the fielding captain might agree to do it. You can familiarise yourself with Officials’ guidance on the Cricket Wales website:


2) A player at our club is waiting on a Covid-19 test result; Can we still play fixtures this weekend?

YES, you can play.  Cricket’s guidance for adapted play is there to minimise the risk of players transmitting the virus in the course of play. As long as guidance is followed, the risks to team-mates and opposition should be very low. - Clearly, if ANY person is symptomatic, per the guidance issued by Cricket Wales and the ECB, they should not be participating in cricket or attending venues.   


3)A player at our club has tested positive; What should we do?

The individual should follow the advice of NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect and any medical advice with regards to self-isolation.     


4) Who would need to get a test from those teams that the positive player has played against (eg umpires, spectators and which players)?

With support from clubs, who should be routinely collecting Test, Trace, Protect data of participants, NHS Wales will support you to ascertain who should consider being tested    


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