All Stars & Dynamos Cricket Go Live on Wednesday!


National Programmes Go Live!

Cricket Wales is excited to confirm that, despite recent developments, 120+ clubs across Wales are raring to go with hosting their All Stars (5-8s) & Dynamos (8-11s) programs this year.

While registration has experienced a slight delay compared to previous years, we are delighted to announce that another summer filled with fun, and cricket is just around the corner.

This year, there are some adjustments to the program. Participants will receive only a T-shirt however there will be a full programme of activity.


Returning clubs should have all the necessary kit and equipment from last year's program to conduct a full, engaging 8-week program. Any clubs requiring additional equipment are encouraged to reach out to their Area Manager for assistance.

With a whole summer ahead the national registration launch on April 10th.

Interim CEO Mark Frost stated, "All Stars & Dynamos is one of the pinnacles of the Welsh summer. Cricket clubs across Wales are littered with blue and yellow T-shirted children running around having fun. We know that our clubs act as a real community hub especially as a result of all stars and dynamos cricket.  Since 2017, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of children making their first excited step into cricket, and as a result,  we are now starting to see the transition into older junior teams at clubs with record number of entries across all of Wales”.

Programmes are scheduled to commence from May 10th, with some continuing throughout the summer in selected clubs across the region.

To find your nearest All Stars , Dynamos club please click here .


For further information please visit the Cricket Wales website

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