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During the Autumn of 2022 we carried out a Clubs' Audit. One key area of  feedback was about the situation in many clubs who have lots of all stars and dynamos but are concerned about keeping and progressing them on within their junior sections. As a result of this Cricket Wales asked the advice of four clubs to share their experiences of what has worked well for them and the result is here...


We have also captured some of the main points below:


Ynystawe – Getting Parents to help at All Stars and Dynamos – Shana Thomas

Shana discusses her experiences in getting more parents to help at All Stars and Dynamos programmes. Both on field and off field. Whether it’s becoming a regular activator or helping with the BBQ evening. Shana explains her approach to communicating with her parent groups and making them feel welcome at the club.

  • Created parents WhatsApp group. Link sent so parents opt in
  • Used on field coordinator to be the eyes and ears while activators are busy
  • No experience required.
  • Parents to feel part of the programme.
  • Great experience for kids


Penarth CC – Training New Volunteers – Matt Slugg

Matt on a similar thread explains his club’s approach to training New Activators, from initial mass communication to individual conversations with players and parents. Ensuring that his new activators are registered on ClubSpark, working with his CSO to complete DBS’s and organising a bespoke F2F training session delivered by the Cricket Wales team. Matt footnote’s : Don’t take no for an answer, engage early and repeat year on year.

  • Big ambition needed lots of helpers.
  • Maxed out all contacts to ask for help; members/parents/players/ known people.
  • Emailed all parents that had signed up esp. those who ticked yes to help on ClubSpark
  • Set up club based activator training and had a great response because it was at the club
  • Lots of effort to make sure all helpers have DBS e.g., using


Menai Bridge – Moving Dynamos into U9’s / 10’s Cricket – Dyfrig Jones

Dyfrig explored his clubs approach to progression of players from All Stars – Dynamos – U9’s Cricket. Offering sessions back to back and identifying players ready to move, actively working in partnership with each of the Lead Activators / Coaches / Parents and Players to provide additional training opportunities. This allowed players to move at their own pace, but not miss out on the social aspect of playing. Dyfrig’s key message was to not lose momentum and offer winter training to keep players engaged ready for the following season.

  • Dynamos focus is to get them playing cricket –
  • different times dynamos and All stars
  • Move up to the next level.
  • Younger group and second older group easing them into u9 cricket games
  • BBQs and end of season event plus winter dynamos activity


Gowerton CC – Setting Up an U11’s Team – Dean Mason

Dean has many years of experience and learning around this topic. His 6 step plan explains his approach to setting up an early open age team that provides a supportive and sustainable structure. The tread mill of these early age group teams needs clarity and resources that ensures players have the best experience to provide a lifelong love of the game. Dean’s approach is one of collaboration and communication, and certainly reflection after each year to ensure that the approach is fit for purpose for the following cycle.

  • Communications: regular newsletter across all the teams so all feel part of the whole club
  • U10 incrediball league (with protective clothing).
  • U11 hard ball league
  • Management team – 1 person with cricket background plus 4-5 others with no cricket knowledge helping make it all happen
  • Kit bags for U10s and U11s
  • Coloured kit: look like a team; may need to help some families (hardship fund)


Kit bag advice for clubs

Kit fitting nights.



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