Indoor Guidance for Cricket in Wales October 2020


Please note that this guidance has been superseded by a December Statement.

Cricket Wales, in conjunction with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), has prepared guidelines for cricket indoors in Wales.

It is important that this is studied by ALL     

  1. Venue owners/providers of indoor cricket facilities        
  2. Those booking venues – eg clubs or coaching providers        
  3. Participants

The guidance offers practical guidance to venues, coaching providers and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking cricket indoors. They should be read in conjunction with latest relevant UK and Welsh Government regulations and it should be noted these guidelines could change in response to the current COVID-19 Alert Level or other Government advice.

A summary of the adaptations is listed below but please ensure you read the full guidance for comprehensive details. There are three key areas of responsibility: -


1)     Venues

The venue provider must to carry out its own risk assessment which includes ventilation, occupancy, social distancing, and cleaning as a minimum as part of your risk assessment.

Venues must appoint a named Coronavirus officer in line with Welsh Government guidelines.

An indoor provider checklist should be completed and providers are encouraged to ask users of the venue to opt in to specific Health & Safety procedures and behaviours on site.


2)     Coaching Providers and Clubs

Coaching providers and or clubs that book an indoor facility should carry out their own risk assessment (RA) as well as seeing the venue providers’ own RA.

Key issues are ensuring COVID-safety compliance, allowing handover time between sessions and adopting venue health and safety guidance.

Clubs should appoint a Coronavirus Officer, if they do not already have one, as the key officer, accountable for processes, policies, risk assessments and general Covid safety of their club members.

A useful checklist is contained here


3)      Participants

We encourage all participants to continue to enjoy your cricket and enjoy it safely.  Familiarise yourself with the guidance and follow advice and direction from your coaching provider or club before and during sessions.

Key points for participants include: ·

  •  Individuals should undergo a personal symptom check prior to all activity and should self-declare that: They do not currently have symptoms of COVID-19, nor have they had a positive test for COVID-19, or onset of symptoms of COVID-19, in the last 10 days. ·
  • Players should minimise handling of the ball in all activity. ·
  • No sweat or saliva should be added to the ball at any time.
  • Limit the sharing of equipment where possible; If unavoidable, participants must practice strict hygiene, especially hand hygiene. ·       
  • Since Monday 14 September, it has been a requirement by law in Wales for all people e.g. staff, coaches, officials, customers (players/parents/spectators) and volunteers, aged 11 and over, to wear a face covering when in public spaces indoors in Wales. - This applies to all leisure, sport and recreational venues including club houses. ·       
  • A face covering may be removed when eating and drinking in a designated café, bar, or restaurant and when playing cricket or exercising. A face mask must be worn at all other times, before and after taking part in an activity.

Please see the above useful infographic here as well for uploading


While cricket, as a naturally socially-distant sport, is currently in the fortunate position of our being permitted to play, or practise, with adaptations, indoors, it is VITAL that facility providers and users familiarize themselves with this guidance and follow it closely.  

Cricket Wales urges participants to continue to respect all other laws and restrictions, especially those pertaining to local lockdowns which may be in place.

- Sport can be part of the solution to this health crisis, but must NOT be part of the problem.


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