We need You to Umpire!


Umpiring in Wales and England is going though quite a change over the next year to meet the needs of the game.

In Wales we are seeing a growth trend in veterans’ cricket and a challenge in the numbers of people umpiring. With the game becoming more diverse in terms of growth of women’s and girls’ cricket and junior and senior ethnic minority club members, we need to broaden the appeal of umpiring as a key part of our game.

From offering to do 10 overs for the skipper in a  game, to becoming a qualified umpire, or helping with the growth of women’s softball and hard ball cricket, there are lots of interesting opportunities to help sustain our game.

Umpires are critical to the good management of matches and currently the top echelons of the game are prioritised with whoever is available from umpire lists.

A short survey is being sent to anyone who had in the last five years completed a course and is not currently umpiring in order to encourage more people to offer time to umpire. If you haven’t had this please click here.


Our Offer to You

Cricket in Wales is keen to offer support for people who may want to:

  • Do a quick refresher course.

  • Do a starter course.

  • Did a course a while ago but never got around to umpiring.

As part of this we are prepared to support the above needs you might have and incentivise those who want to start standing with a free umpiring in Wales top.

Your journey to becoming an umpire just needs you to:

  1. Attend a course: We require people to be ACO members because that gives you public and personal liability insurance. 

  2. Complete a DBS check. If you haven’t already an ECB one, please contact Peter Williams, Wales ACO’s Safeguarding Officer at [email protected] or 07768 282491 and he will initiate an application for you.  The whole process is now online.

To find out more

For more about the above please drop a note to Phil Haines, the Wales ACO secretary, at [email protected] or call him on 07977 322862.


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