Stonewall and Cricket in Wales


We know that cricket gives so many people the opportunity to express themselves, feel the support of team members, get fit and connect with so many new people. Cricket in Wales is keen to ensure that no one should feel isolated or not welcomed in any form of junior or senior cricket. We want to make sure that anyone who wants to play cricket will feel welcomed whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity. Being more inclusive will lead to a wider, more diverse membership which we think are areas which will help cricket, clubs and organisations be more sustainable in the long run.

All teams, clubs and cricket bodies are obliged to protect against any discrimination and harassment of people within the protected characteristics of sexual orientation and gender reassignment. For clubs this means taking action to tackle any homophobic abuse and bullying, equally clubs should promote the equal respect of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people alongside race, faith or those who have a disability.



* The government estimates that 6% of the UK population are LGBT


* We know that LGBT people are less likely to play sport and cricket needs to ensure that inappropriate banter or humour doesn't marginalise or put off people from playing cricket.


What we want clubs to do:-


* welcome people that love cricket and want to be part of a club


* make it clear in their policies, website, noticeboards and actions that they are inclusive


* get involved in rainbow laces campaign


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