Regional Programme off to a strong start


Despite indoor cricket activity not starting until January, the Cricket Wales regional programme kicked off remotely on Sunday 8th November with over 470 players across the U11-U15 age groups engaging with the start of the athletic development sessions.  

Players from the newly formed Cricket Wales East (CWE), West (CWW), South (CWS) joined CWN (North) and Athletic Development Coach Louis Thomas in a number of sessions spread across Sunday afternoon as Cricket Wales continues to place an emphasis on developing better movement competencies in its youngsters (despite the pandemic). Coach Thomas, under the tutelage of Glamorgan CCC’s strength and conditioning team Tom Turner and Jacob Adams is a student at the University of South Wales and has been involved within the Cricket Wales pathway for the last 2 years.  


Geraint Leach (co-Pathway Lead of CWE) said, “delivering the S & C programme virtually  is a great way to integrate all the players from around the Welsh Cricket Pathway system and also help develop efficient fundamental movement patterns which will benefit their performances when we get to the practical stage of delivering sessions. It is also a great way for the players to interact in the current climate with COVID restrictions'"

Mark Cox (Pathway Lead, CWS) commented, “It was great to see so many of the boys and girls throwing themselves into the session and working on their strength, mobility and flexibility. We have received lots of positive feedback about how much the children enjoyed the session and that there were a few stiff bodies going to school the next day! These live sessions will be complemented by a pre-recorded session that will be completed midweek. It was a nice bonus to see so many parents joining in with the players we may well have the fittest players and supporters in the country next season.”

Ian Williams (co-Pathway Lead, CWE) added, “Fitness plays such an important part in all sports at all ages and all levels. The importance of the strength and conditioning programme being implemented by Cricket Wales at Junior Regional level cannot be underestimated as it is perfectly measured and tailored to the athletic needs of cricket and a benefit to all participants to their development as players and to their health and well- being generally.”  

Steve Lewis (Pathway Lead, CWW) also said, “The strength and conditioning sessions will have a positive, physical and mental impact on our players in preparation for the 2021 season. The enthusiasm from all was awesome. It was tough but it will get easier!!”

Sessions continue up until the end of 2020 and will form a key part of the programme into 2021 on a different schedule. 


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