Partnership with Swansea Mosque sees national investment


Cricket Wales’ partnership with Swansea Mosque will benefit from a share of £3m worth of Sport Wales funding which will be spent on making improvements at community sports facilities and leisure centres across Wales in the next few months.

Swansea Mosque is the largest mosque in Wales serving an almost 10,000 Muslim congregation in South and West Wales, a dramatic increase since its humble beginning in 1982. Over the last couple of years, it has developed to become a truly lively and spirited Mosque, seeking to encapsulate the very ideals on which it now thrives as opposed to being simply a place of worship. Located in the heart of Swansea with a very diverse and multicultural community; contributing to the very warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that the mosque is so well known for by those who visit and access its many services.

With its forward thinking, Swansea Mosque now provides a vibrant platform for open discussions on social challenges and issues; is an outlet for knowledge, a playground for vibrancy and it is full of energy.

The Mosque envisions to build a community, whereby the role of the Mosque serves as both nourishment and as a solution to the myriad of needs and challenges facing the community at large, as well as serving as a source of betterment of our society; and as a platform for social cohesion, integration and interaction.

The Sport Wales capital investment of £68,160 will create a safe multisport environment for all to enjoy.

The installation of 12 mesh window coverings will protect the windows from breakages or damage, a new energy efficient lighting system and a new platform lift will ensure sport is accessible for all.

Following the completion of the capital works, the sports facility can be utilised for many activities. Cricket Wales will run the inner-city Street Programme, All Stars and Dynamos National Programmes and Coach Education course.

Street cricket gives children and young adults in inner-city areas the opportunity to play the sport. The Street sessions develops skills, confidence and motivation to enable everyone that plays to enjoy and progress through not only cricket but all sports; giving them foundations to lead an active, healthy and enriched life.

Commenting on the successful funding application Keri Chahal, Area Manager South West Wales said, “Working closely with the Swansea Mosque has opened up new opportunities for us to reach into the heart of the local city centre communities.

This project at the mosque will support our ongoing Chance to Shine Street projects and the ECBs National Programmes and allow for a key facility directly in the heart of the Swansea centre community. The usage of the facility will not just be cricket but allow for an multi-sport environment which is a wider positive outcome for everyone involved. 

We are grateful to Sport Wales for awarding this fund, it will make a big difference, and we look forward to building close relationships with our new valued partners.” “

Farid Ali, Project Manager at Swansea Mosque said, "We are excited to partner with Cricket Wales to secure funding from Sport Wales. This collaboration aims to enhance community facilities and expand sports accessibility in Swansea's city centre, benefiting the local community. The facility will host Cricket Wales' programmes, promoting skills and an active lifestyle. We are grateful for Cricket Wales' understanding of our community, this partnership reflects our commitment to growth, inclusivity, and positive change in sports accessibility. We express sincere thanks to Sport Wales for this impactful funding and eagerly anticipate building stronger relationships with our partners."

Cricket Wales acknowledged the individual needs of this local diverse community and understand that currently their cricketing and wider sporting needs are not met. We are listening and working with the community to combat these needs. We know through consultation with trusted partners that we need to act and provide services that cater for local community/demography via the information provided for local need, cultural need and religious and spiritual values to improve participation in cricket and sport. Cricket Wales wants to ensure that these disparities are acknowledged, and action is taken to improve access to cricket and sporting facilities for these communities.

Victoria Jones, Cricket Wales’ Facilities Investment Manager added, “We are always looking at developing innovative ways to encourage more people to participate in cricket. Partnerships such as this go far beyond just a building, and we hope the impact will be wider than just sport.”


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