Cricket Supporting Schools Returning in Wales




With the return to school for pupils in Wales over the next few weeks, Cricket Wales would like to support this process with exciting and engaging activities to stimulate and help re introduce children back to school life. We believe Sport has a key role to play with integrating children back to school, build relationships with other pupils, build confidence, and more importantly have active fun.  

Our Offer

Our previous offer has been amended for schools to a ‘Cricket Engagement Day’. This includes an assembly (if required) and appropriate cricket activity sessions per class, either in the school hall or yard/field during the day. We also have classroom activity if the weather is not suitable and the hall not available as found here Chance 2 Shine

How can Chance to Shine benefit your school?

Chance to Shine helps to fund cricket coaching sessions and cricket competition in all state schools and whilst doing so they have three main objectives:

1)To give young people (aged 5-11) a great first experience of cricket
2) To support teachers to build a sustainable culture of cricket in state schools and
3) To help young people to play regularly (in school, club, community, informal settings) and to learn key life skills.

By becoming part of the Chance to Shine programme schools are provided with all the tools to encourage every pupil to achieve their own ‘Personal Best’, whilst also enabling schools to provide quality cricket delivery in future years through development of staff and pupils at their school.

How to obtain our Offer

For this reason we would like to request expressions of interest from schools on whether you would like a Cricket Wales Community Coach staff to deliver cricket based multi-skill coaching at your school. Our offer is:

  • Mornings only (9am to 12pm)
  • Afternoons only (1pm to 3pm)
  • Whole day (9am to 3pm)
  • Virtual Assembly Coaching sessions (Joe Wicks style)

 Our Assurances

  • All our coaches will have a lateral flow test on Wednesday and Sunday mornings.
  • We have a comprehensive risk assessment that manages the risk of our activities.
  • Our coaches will bring their own sanitised equipment that includes appropriate for each class age group.

For now, all we are requesting is an expression of interest if your school would be interested. If you can commit now then wonderful and we can work with you to get the dates and plans in to the diary.  We appreciate that there may be a restriction on the number of external people coming in and out of schools and therefore we are only offering half day or full day slots. The part day or all-day coaching offer effectively means our Coach would become a member of staff for that chosen day of the week.

Please complete this Expression of Interest  here




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