Changes to Welsh Cup in 2013


                                 Members of the SCC Deliberate

The changes are aimed at avoiding some of the issues that arose in 2012 and to make the progress of the competition more efficient and clear-cut.
Cancelled ties will be played at the ground of the team previously drawn away
Matches may only be postponed as a result of inclement weather (clashes with other competitions will not be allowed to interfere with the progress of the competition)
Mid-week alternative dates (other than Bank Holidays) will not be sanctioned – they are mainly impractical anyway
Following a discussion about the future of the competition and the possible need to refresh it in an effort to attract more entries, it was agreed to suggest to the SCC that the competition become a 40-overs competition (8 overs limit per bowler).

The full set of rules is now available as a download from this site.

Disciplinary Procedures 2013

The SCC also approved the implementation of revised disciplinary procedures for 2013.  Since the formation of Cricket Wales and a new forum for recreational Cricket in Wales, opportunities have arisen that allow the main leagues to address common issues.  Most Leagues have adopted many of the principles outlined in ECB protocols in respect of disciplinary procedures.  However, there are clear differences of approach between different leagues.

The new procedures, which will apply to all open-age matches played under the banner of Cricket Wales in 2013, lean heavily on the latest ECB guidelines. 

The new procedures (which will be reviewed again at the end of the 2013 season) have four aspects: there is a ‘Code of Conduct;’ a disciplinary process, heavily based on current ECB protocols and recently adopted by the NWCL and the Birmingham League; the suggested procedures define four levels of breach of the Code of Conduct; finally,there is a list of 'standard' penalties for each level of breach.  It is suggested that Level 1 & 2 breaches are dealt with through the disciplinary procedures of the clubs. Levels 3 & 4 will be the subject of a Cricket Wales disciplinary committee but their power cannot currently be applied to League matches.  The Cricket Wales disciplinary committee will be able to recommend further action by the league to which the penalised player is affiliated.

There was a serious discussion of this subject at the SCC meeting and the view was expressed by some that it is in the best interests of all leagues to adopt a common approach to disciplinary procedures, even if the common approach is limited to adoption of the four principles adopted above.

This subject will be re-visited in a later meeting.  The disciplinary procedures are available as a download elsewhere on this site.

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