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CricketForce continues to provide a pre-season focal point for clubs across the country. As the programme is ever-evolving and developing to meet the needs of grassroots cricket clubs, another key focus, in addition to getting your club ready for the season, is PEOPLE.

2019 saw 2,650 clubs organise Family Days as part of the Cricket World Cup. The energy and efforts of the Volunteer Champions ensured 2019 was an enormous summer of cricket for many clubs.

2021, we hope, will be another huge year for the recreational game with the launch of Dynamos Cricket and the engagement of many more juniors. Is your club ready? This year we want clubs to not only think about their facilities when considering their CricketForce project, but also their people.

Bringing your club’s community together over the weekend can not only help to ensure a successful summer of cricket but future-proof it for many years, both on and off the field.



What can my club do in 2021?

In 2019, clubs reported that 13% of volunteers involved in CricketForce were new to the club, over 25% were female and 36% were under the age of 24 – what can your club do to engage and retain new volunteers?

Can CricketForce act as the platform to recruit more volunteers into your club? Could you host a ‘Parent Engagement Evening’ at the club as an opportunity for parents of the new recruits to ‘Get Involved’? Could your club use CricketForce to identify some key roles required for the summer ahead and get people appropriately trained?

What some clubs said about 2019:
• “We are considering offering a reduction in membership if players attend workforce
days during 2020.”
• “Very good way to get the season underway – to find and engage with new
volunteers – to bring young and old(er) together for common cause.”
• “CricketForce has created a community feel to our club at the start of every


So, whether it’s a refurbishment of the clubs changing facilities and toilet, designing a family-friendly social area for parents to socialise, or hosting a number of events aimed at volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition there’s a reason for every club to Get Involved in CricketForce in 2021.

Should you have any queries at all, please email [email protected].

Registrations for 2021 will open shortly.



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