Cricket coaches play a crucial role in the development of the game and in the lives of the players they coach. Good cricket coaches ensure that individuals in cricket have positive experiences and are therefore more likely to continue in the game and achieve their potential.

Coaching, as an emerging profession, must demonstrate at all levels, a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence. The need for cricket coaches to understand and act on their responsibilities is of critical importance to the game, as is the concept of participation for fun and enjoyment as well as achievement. This is implicit within good coaching practice and promotes a professional image of the good practitioner. There is an expectation that all coaches adhere strictly to the Code of Conduct which sets out the standards that coaches are required to meet.

Good cricket coaching practice needs to reflect the following key principles:


Cricket coaches must respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate
in the game.


Cricket coaches must develop a professional relationship with players (and others) based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

Responsibilities – Personal Standards

Cricket coaches must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times.

Responsibilities – Professional Standards

To maximise the benefits and minimise the risks to players, coaches must attain a high level of competence through appropriate qualifications and a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice.

All Coaches MUST hold

  • A Recognised Coaching Qualification (Above Coaching Assistant)
  • First Aid Certificate (within the last three years)
  • Safeguarding Training (within the last three years)
  • ECB Vetted DBS Certificate (within the last three years)

* Safeguarding for Coaches – see FAQ page

 Supervision and Coaching Ratios 

  • Coaches should NEVER be alone with a child, two adults must always be present to safeguard both the Coach and the child
  • SUPERVISION RATIO – Sufficient Adults must always be present, particularly for large groups of children, supervision ratios require 1 adult to 8 children (for under 8’s) and 1 adult to 10 children (9’s and over)
  • QUALIFIED COACH RATIO – A qualified Coach must also be present when children are coached.
  • Net Coaching: 1 coach to 8 children
  • Group Coaching: 1 coach to 24 children
  • Hard Ball Coaching: 1 coach to 16 children

  • Note, a Coach can also be a Supervisor. 
  • For single sex groups, there must be at least one same gender member of staff. For mixed groups there must be at least one male and one female supervising adult.


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